Undoubtedly Blest

Jaibala/ August 13, 2015/ Poetry/ 36 comments

In each other hopes had rest,

Undoubtedly blest,

Always together would totter,

As oil and water,

Finally stable feeling sublime,

Blended one last time,

Above the new, hangs the old chime,

Such a tirade but peace won,

Nothing could be undone,

Undoubtedly blest, as oil and water blended one last time.

PS: This poetry form is called the Ovillejo. I have actually fallen in love with the poetry forms that have repeating lines. It just amazes me how the same line can have a new perspective when used in another context. So I am open to suggestions for these kind of poetry forms.


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  1. Ovillejo – haven’t heard of that form but you have written so well. I love repeating lines and I do use that in my posts 🙂

    1. There is some magic in repeating lines na. Thank You so much Parul 🙂

      1. Yeah – I do that in my posts so often and I think so what if I can’t write poems? 😉

  2. This is very differently kind of poetry, one which I have never seen…but looks to be quite good.

    1. Thanks Alok 🙂

  3. Such a brilliant writing here 🙂 Thanks for introducing this form of poetry 🙂

    1. Okay coming from the person, whose poetry I totally admire, this comment just made my day. Thanks So much 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for making my day too 🙂 I must be learning from your poetries… I picked up Pantoum from Vinay’s comments and couldn’t resist attempting 🙂 So yay! got two new forms 🙂 (all smiles)

        1. Yay. This is awesome. When Do I get to read these poems?

          1. My first attempt on pantoum is here: http://bit.ly/1TNQ7OZ 🙂

          2. Heading over right away 🙂

  4. Right, I have to be honest – that went way over my head! And you know about me and poetry. Sorry, Jai. But the experts seem to have liked it, so well done you!

    1. I know how much you love poetry, hence I had issued the “it is one of those kinds” warning before. 🙂 but honestly I am so glad that you read it.

  5. Wohoo..!! That’s a brilliant take on the prompt.. totally loved it Jaibala.. 🙂


    1. Thanks you so much. I am so glad you loved it 🙂

  6. Beautifully woven poem. Haven’t heard of this form if poetry before. 🙂

    1. Thanks Vinitha 🙂

  7. Beautiful woven classic words. Keep writing Jai, I would love to read more.

    1. Thanks Arpu <3

  8. Beautiful. Loved reading it

    1. Thank You so much 🙂

  9. I like the lyrical form, though I am not entirely sure I get the context…

    1. Thanks Sreesha, its about conflicting thoughts, ideas.

  10. Very interesting. Took me back to my school text books — this form of writing.

    1. Thanks Rachna 🙂 The old English just happened spontaneously.

  11. This is a really fascinating piece, Jaibala! Haven’t heard of this form of poetry before 🙂

    1. Thanks Shailaja, I am trying to try different forms of poetry. somehow the restrictions of forms makes writing more interesting. Also with repeating lines, it just amazes me as to how The same line can be used in different ways.

  12. Aha! The old English makes it sound so beautiful 😀 I like it! Though what I thought it was about and what it actually is about might be two different things! Jaibalaspeare is back in poetry. Nice 😉

    Try a Pantoum or a Rondeau next. 😀

    1. Well I thought I’d be rusty. Its been so long since I wrote poetry. Also, I am quite sure they are two different things 😛 I think I have done a Pantoum. Rondeau sounds good will try it.

      1. If you have done a pantoum, do another one 😛 No limit to one per form is there, u know 😀

      2. This one undoubtedly has a soothing sublime tone. I love it. Would love to see what you do with a rondeau or a villanelle 🙂

        1. Oh surely Zaf. I love the Villanelle. And next attempt is going to be a rondeau 🙂

          1. How about a sonnet too! Sonnets intimidate me personally 🙁 but go ahead and impress me more!

          2. Sonnets, I haven’t tried one for the same reason. Let’s make a deal we both try one?

          3. How about…a collaborative effort then?

          4. That is actually a great Idea

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