Untold Love

Jaibala/ August 6, 2014/ Short Stories

Pari smiled as she hit the accept button. She had been searching for his profile on the popular social media networks forever, and the strange thing was that Jigar had found her.  She immediately clicked his profile when the chat window popped up.

Jigar: Hi. How have you been? It has been a long time.

Pari: Yes pretty long for two people who were inseparable.

Jigar: Well you left

She could feel his questioning eyes, even though the words were typed in the chat box. Well she could imagine him, and his reactions. She had been his best friend for 21 years before she left Mumbai. She left him. She loved him but she could not say that. He was her best friend, she did not want to lose him, but in the end she did.

Pari: Yes I did. But I have been looking for you online.

Jigar: You know I was not a big fan of social networking.

Pari: Yet you are here

Jigar knew she would have a slight smile on her face now. She would be pleased that he had done this, created a social media account. He wondered what she would do if she found out it was only for her. He wanted to find her, just like he had wanted to tell her he loved her. He never did, he could not risk so many years of friendship. He waited for her to give some indication, and then Shikha came into their life. Shikha had truly loved him and he had tried to love her back.  But Pari was who he always wanted.

Jigar: Yes, I knew this was the easiest way to find you. I was right. 🙂

Pari:  🙂 So how is everything with you, family and all?

Jigar wondered what the answer to the question was.  Was he okay, and was his family alright? Should he tell her that Shikha left him because he could not love her the way she wanted him to. That after all the years and all the time he had spent with her she was still jealous of his best friend.

Jigar: All is well here. Everyone is fine. You tell me what about you? I am sure you must have found your Mr. Right there in California. 😀

Pari did not know what to say. She could not tell him that she had found her Mr. Right and he was unavailable.  She had left him long ago so that he could be happy with his Miss. Right. That is what Shikha had wanted, that is what Pari thought he needed.

Pari: No Mr. Right. You know how high my standards are. 🙂

Jigar: Yes your man does not exist right, that is what you used to say.

Pari: Yes Of Course!!! And when he does, he will be mine.

Ok it is quite late here. I will take your leave. Now it will be easier to stay in touch.

Jigar:  Unless you run away again.  Talk later?

Pari: Yes, and this time I won’t run away, I am already too far away.

Jigar: You never know.

Pari: 🙂 Bye.

Jigar: Bye.

Pari wiped away her tears. She knew she would speak to him again. Right now she was just happy that he was back in her life.  She would have him as her friend rather than not have him at all.

Jigar smiled, thinking at least he had his best friend back, even if that was all there was to their relationship


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