What Can I say About Dreams? A Guest Post

What do I say about the person for whom I am writing today. He is one of my closest friends, and his blog is one of the blogs I turn to when I am looking for inspiration, comfort or just a smile. He is always there with a push, shove and a kick, look at my words with a fine tooth comb. But then again he is among those people who know where the words come from and what they mean.


So when Vinay asked me to write this post for I Rhyme Without Reason, and knowing how special and  important this was to him, I felt special and elated as well as someone who had been given a great responsibility. What did I write here is an Excerpt:

It’s not easy to write for someone you think to be your inspiration. So, right now I am wondering if I’m even qualified to do this. But then, when one of the people you look up to and admire asks you to write for him, well it is a huge compliment actually. Among the best ones you can get. So here I am writing a post for Vins, one of my closest friends and my tormentor forever; feeling all special that he asked me to today.

Well do go on and check out the post What Can I Say About Dreams? on one of my favourite online spaces.



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