What Change Taught Me

Jaibala/ June 10, 2015/ Musings

Change something that everyone goes through, yet it is the most feared aspect of life. If someone had told me that I would be where I am today last year, I would never have believed them, in fact have laughed at them. I mean could anyone have guessed that it would be illegal to eat Maggi noodles this year 🙂 . Change usually catches us unannounced, when we are stuck in a rut, and struggling. And usually how you react to change decides who you are and what you will be – and no I am not talking about the Maggi Ban.

Your attitude towards change matters, the manner in which you react to change matters, what and sometimes who changes matters, and finally when nothing else changes, that fact that you change matters. Something has to change; only a tree can stay rooted in a spot, and none of us are trees. A lot of things we need to let go of, and another lot we need to adapt to or adopt. Much like being the change we want to see around us we have to be accepting of change around us.

While we change, we must remember to not hold on to others, give them space because along with us they change too. We are just holding on to images, memories, and our idea of people, not them in actuality. Growing up, masks falling off, new leanings are all catalysts to change. We need to embrace the new opportunities, and take the new challenges head on. And our constant cheerleaders and companions will never leave us however the change affects them or us, because they have lived the change with us. Take a look and find out who are those soul mates, those people; friends, families, loved ones who are a perfect fit in your imperfect lives.

The legacies we leave are defined by the time we lived, and the choices we make. It is always easy to take the easy route, decide to please all, what sets you apart is your dream and working towards it. Recognising what you need to do, and standing by your choice. Never giving up though people around you would try to demoralise you. Knowing that you need to do what makes you happy first and everything and everyone else just comes later. Who knows what the next try might bring you?

Have I changed? The answer to that question is yes and no. I have realised that being nice is not always good for you. It can actually be your biggest roadblock. Sometimes you have to have the sense to differentiate between things that are good for you and the rest of the stuff. At the same time it does not mean that you can be rude and arrogant. A good person is powerful yet graceful and knows very well that humility and hard work both are the key to sustain anything. I try to hold on to the positive and let go of the negative, My happiness is in my hands now.

Everyone is different, has different priorities and will not always like you and that is fine. I cannot conform to everyone’s expectation of me, and not everyone can live up to my expectations. The key here is to be comfortable in your own skin, that when opinions and expectations, even your own, cease to matter. I figured out that we all are broken in some way or the other, and that is okay, it is just not my responsibility to fix it all. You don’t go do everything for everyone, especially when they do not respect you in return. I try to give back what I get tenfold if possible; respect where you get respect, trust where you get trust, love where you get love and faith where you get faith. Trust and respect are not mutually exclusive; it took me a long time to learn that.

There are some people I cherish, who I’d drop everything for, just because they need me to and that is reason enough. They are the ones that are the exception to every rule. They are my friends, my family, the ones who struggle along with me, the ones who have grown with me, the ones who have changed with me. They are the people who bring out the best in me, and I hope everyday that I do the same for them.

I know that I can be wrong, and just accepting that makes it so much easier but Life does not give second chances easily.  Second chances are very valuable, so appreciate one when you get it and be very judicious while handing them out. Rather than doing the same old thing be someone’s catalyst for change, maybe? When you fail, keep trying, eventually you will get where you are meant to be. It is always better late than never.

The most important thing is to “Find something you’re passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it”, just like Julia Child says. The rest will just work itself out.





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