What If…..

It was two years since he had been home, five years since he left everything behind.  Adi was happy. The perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect house in the city, he had it all. He knew that his life was better now and he would not trade it for anything. He wondered sometimes though what happened, the person he left behind. She was all he had always. She did not like his decision. Was she as happy as he was?


Naina was living her dream life; she was married to the perfect man, and had the perfect life in her town. She ran several foundations and was considered amongst the elite people of the town today. She realised that his decision was right. If he had not left five years back, she would never have had this today. So what if he had to walk away from her for that.


It was the centennial year of the foundation of town, and huge celebrations were planned by the municipality. Naina knew Adi would be a part of the celebrations; he was after all their biggest success story, the chief guest. On the evening of the felicitation, they met for the first time in five years.


Seeing her younger brother finally happy in the life he had created all her anxiety and doubts vanished forever.  Adi was just happy on being reconnected with the lady who single handedly brought him up. Today they began a new phase in their relationship. All their doubts and What Ifs vanished. From today They were friends forever.


2 thoughts on “What If…..

  • I liked the story and the twist in the end, Jai 🙂 but I didn’t quite know why the brother has to walk away for the sister to live the dream life. When he grew up, she didn’t have to raise him anymore na? Both could have been close, but not in the way of each other’s life..

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