What Truly Matters

Moving to Pune was a tough decision for Priya. She did not know how she would deal with the new place and strange people talking in a strange tongue. Being from Chennai the only languages she knew were Tamil and English. Hindi and Marathi were both strangers to her. So when Madhav, told her that he had been promoted to head the Pune branch of his automobile company she was anxious. What added on to her anxiety was the fact that she was two months pregnant, and she obviously could not travel to Chennai for her regular check ups.

Her biggest fear was that with her language barrier finding out about obstetrics and gynecology in Pune, would be very difficult. Priya slowly began her search by looking for Gynecologists in Pune online. But for all her search she could not find out who was good by just looking online. She considered telling Madhav her dilemma, and when she he seemed stumped. This promotion was what he had been working towards for the last two years and asking him to give it up was unfair even to Priya. So she decided to confront her fear.

She started with a list of obstetricians in Pune and found out everything she could about them. Once she was armed with all the information she, began to call their clinics, offices and ask questions. She was satisfied with a few and she made a new list. Based on her requirements and what she wanted she narrowed down her choices to one obstetrician in Pune who she thought was perfect to handle her case and suited her mentality.  With a appointment book for ther preliminary check up with the doctor a few days after she would be in Pune, Priya felt accomplished and more at ease.

She was happy when she told Madhav about having confronted her fear to move away from Chennai.  And Madhav was happy that she had made a choice to overcome all odds. When Priya finally moved to Pune with Madhav, after a week she did not feel as if the place was new to her. All the research had made her familiar with the names and streets of Pune. She felt as if she was moving from one home to another. She was Happy!!!! And that was all that mattered.


This piece of fiction was written for a sponsored post.


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