When I Said “No”

Jaibala/ May 12, 2017/ Poetry

In your eyes, I see disappointment,
And in the lines of your face,
The sadness evident,
For a change something’s not going,
Exactly the way you imagined.

I shudder, I pause, for a moment
I think maybe give in,
For the disappointment and sadness
All I see is fear, not madness
A lonely heart beat, a broken dream

I want to hold you, hug you reassure,
To tell don’t worry or hurry anymore,
A silence deafening screaming so loud,
Yet to tell you, feet are firmly on the ground,
Don’t worry, we shall be fine, remember

And yet I walk away, don’t look back,
Cause I have learned a simple fact,
No hug, no hold, no reassurance,
Can bring back lost, chase away ignorance,
What’s gone is gone,

Your truth is yours, What’s mine is mine,
Neither one of us can seem to cross the line,
Drawn irreversibly, a permanent cross,
While anger breeds, all love lost,
Broken, unfixable pieces of heart,

A chasm deep, now growing wide,
Distance parts the strings of time,
A word too much, too little said,
Nothing heard, confusion felt,
A schism so big, and the bridge too small,

My heart still feels the same for you,
I could never agree with your view,
How do I fix this discord?
You and me, Heart and Mind,
Truth that hurts, Reality that binds,

Love that is hurt, is really lost
Confusion is real, Reality gone,
Truths that always collide,
Fear and anger, the crevice now a crater,
The sound of difference turns to Strife.

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