Whose Fault

She was just an hour old, not even named, born as the fairer, older twin to her brother. Her  mother, still unconscious when her father came and picked her up just as the daai had wrapped her up in a white cloth. She was fast asleep, her eyes tight shut and oblivious to the world around her.


The men walked to the Village temple. The priest had already kept a pot of hot milk ready. Her father proudly showcased her to the crowd that had gathered, and slowly lowered her into the pot. The minute her body touched the hot milk, she opened her eyes and started to wail. She looked around at the people with her big eyes, but none of them showed mercy. As her father held her, and pushed her further into the milk pot she knew all was lost. As she breathed her last, the priest announced “Now He is absolved of all his sins. Ram you can now go see your son.”


She just did not know why? What was her fault? She was just born into the world. Was it her mother’s fault, that she gave birth to her? Was it the fault of the man who fathered her and murdered her within minutes of her birth? Whose fault was it that she was born and she died as an unwanted girl child?


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