Wish I was her

Simran was in a hurry. She had forgotten to set her alarm once again and now was running late for work. Living alone she had quite often been in this situation. She always felt something was missing in her life, what she could never figure out, but today she was feeling empty, just like her house. Pushing those thoughts aside, hurriedly she got ready for work; she put on her sandals, looking at them just to ensure that they were not mismatched, took the keys to her scooter and ran downstairs. She looked at the watch 8:55 “I can still avoid the traffic if I hurry”, she thought.


Relieved at the fact that there wasn’t much traffic and she would be there just in time, Simran stopped at the signal. The feeling of emptiness that had set in the morning hadn’t still left her. A car stopped next to her, she heard echoes of laughter and she looked out of curiosity. A family of four sat happily laughing in the car. Simran smiled looking at the scene and at that moment the lady, who was driving looked at her and smiled too. The moment the light turned green they drove off in different directions. Simran got to her office and that is when it hit her “I wish I was her,” She thought, “to have someone to live for and someone to share your life with. How priceless must that be.”


After finishing her chores and the grocery shopping for the week, Anjali walked into her house. The calm that greeted her made her happy. She had been running around since morning. First Vihaan had forgotten his project was due today, and Vishika had forgotten her homework, and to top it off, Vipul forgot to tell her that he had to go to Pune for two days today. Somehow, she had managed to get over the chaos, packed the luggage, got the project done and the homework they did on the way to school.


She was tired and settled down  to relax in the peace and quiet, all alone. She made herself a cup of tea, put on her favourite music and enjoyed this moment of solitude. She knew the silence wouldn’t last long, soon the kids will be back from school and it will start all over again. She remembered the smile on the face of the girl on the scooter. She thought, “I wish I was her. Oh what I’d give to live such a quiet, peaceful, and carefree life.”


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