#ZindagiKehtiHain ki Yeh Lamha Hi Hain Zindagi!

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On Friday 30th September, I got a peek into Zindagi. Invited to be a part of an exclusive dinner meet at The Four Seasons, Mumbai by the channel, I was extremely excited to be a part of their world for this evening. The evening began with a presentation by Mr. Sunil Buch Chief Business Officer, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEEL).  And gave us an chance of exclusive interaction over cocktails and dinner.



The word presentation doesn’t really sound exciting, but when a presentation in the first few slides says this,

it has my undivided attention.

The premise “We have the world in our language, Then why is there NO WORLD in our CONTENT ?” is the unique and exclusive identity that Zindagi based it content on.

Even I have been guilty of considering myself as a consumer of world television and movies based on the very few (or maybe more) English language movies and television I have seen. There is more to the world than just that, content is created in so many languages, great content that most of us are unaware of. Zindagi brought the best shows to us, Zindagi brought the world to us.

In the words of Mr. Sunil Buch, “Zindagi presents finite world stories with bold narratives which unveil universal emotions”

When they brought the shows from across the border here, it presented so many stories and characters that were real to us. Though the channel has had to take the decision of stopping programming of the Pakistani serial, due to the reluctance of the stars to condemn the Uri attacks, there is no denying that Zindagi set a precedent with the discerning viewer, and raised our expectations.

What sets the channel apart is the fact that they show  Finite, Real, Vibrant, and Premium world stories. Zindagi is a bridge to world stories. A place where all content is a reflection however small or big of real life experiences, not judgemental or preachy but just there to show you another reality that may not be yours.  Stories and characters are crafted so well in fiction and yet grounded in reality that is what makes them relatable, endearing and powerful.

And that is where the positioning ‘Yeh Lamha Hi Hai Zindagi’ comes in and adds so much more to the channel, its ideology and its perception. It reminds us that life is sure, limited and made up of so many small moments, and we need to live in the now, live in the moment.  And that is why the line is the top line of the channel.

So what does the though leader and the number 1 premium entertainment channel have in store for the future? The meet introduced to us the entire new line up that starts from October 3rd , 2016. Below is the snippet of the shows.

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You can view the promos of all the shows here

Along with the new shows, Zindagi will also be making a few pioneering moves. They will Cast for dubbing so that the shows do not sound mechanical and their essence comes through.  They are also introducing a dual feed in English and Hindi. And Zindagi is also going to be the first channel to be available on Periscope live streaming simultaneously with their TV feed. This is making great content available to the consumer wherever they want to consume content. A marketing strategy revolving around #ZindagiKehtiHain designed to create a conversation around our lives, making us a part of their Zindagi.


All in all I am looking forward to the new phase, of #ZeeZindagi and what I left with is a feeling of being a part of their world and Ideology. After all we have all grown up on stories, and some of us (like me) love to tell them and some of us like to listen. And Zindagi promises to bring these stories from the entire world to us. Afterall #ZindagiKehtiHain ki Yeh Lamha Hi Hain Zindagi.

Note: All images courtesy Zindagi



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