The Black Cat

So what do you write when you have nothing to say? A little bit of this, a whole lot of that. I talk about a little black cat. A black cat, it crossed my path just like that. How dare he walk my path like that? Oh! That little black cat, that little black cat. I cannot walk ahead, I cannot go back. Look for a new path; I don’t know, what is that? My plans lie ruined because of the black cat, my dreams unfulfilled because it crossed my path. Oh! What do I do after that? How to I make it better, how do I get it back? All that I lost because of that cat black. What do I do? Should I rethink my walk, should I that’s what sanity says works. But what do I do is an exceptional solution, in which comes the resolution of every problem. Let go of logic, forget all intelligence, I think, I’ll just burn that cat. Burn the cat black, Oh! Burn it well. Should my insecurities, the little cat tell? Should it meow what I am all about, but before it does, I’ll just shut its mouth. How could the cat walk, walk the same path I may have crossed. How could he undo all the goods I may have got? You see the problem isn’t in me. The problem is you are a cat and you’re black. You live breathe and walk my way and I’ll do my best to shove you away. You are a problem you black little thing, Misfortune along with you, you bring. So I will just burn the cat, solve all my problems, the burnt cat will do just that.

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