At Some Point, Everyone cries,

At Some Point, Everyone Laughs,

At Some Point, Every heart loves,

At Some Point, Every heart breaks,

At Some Point, Every Soul hopes,

At Some Point, Every soul despairs,

At Some Point, Every person dreams,

At Some Point, Every person is awake,

At Some Point, Every life dies,

At Some Point, Every life lives.


It takes us an entire life time to understand what life is and what the whole circus is all about. It too me a lifetime to understand this. And this understanding came to me more so when At Some Point was Born. This blog was born out of necessity. I lost MSoT. I know, Such freaky things do happen. For Those of you who knew My School Of Thought and how much I loved my Virtual home, you all will know that taking this decision was not easy for me. But then, I haven’t lost MSoT, because as the tag line says it goes on.

What losing MSoT made me realise was that I had to re-invent and recreate. It was an idea I was toying with and when I finally got the sign I took this call. There was a need to focus and simplify and that is what I have done.

While reading this remember it is the same old Jaibala writing some old and some new things, with a new thought and a changed perspective. Because life is nothing if not for change and I hope you will all support me in this journey, because you all know I have a long road ahead of me.

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